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Every week, I will post what we will be doing with a comprehensive step by step lesson you can view at home and teach if your student is unable to attend class.

January 20th: Indonesian Batik: hot wax painting

Materials: Paper, Paraffin wax, bleached muslin, peeled crayons, small glass jars or muffin tin, electric frying pans, pitcher, stiff brushes, cardboard, pencils, black markers, masking tape, 3 rit dye, 3 large containers, rubber gloves, wooden spoon, newspaper, iron. Safe Clothes. STUDENTS ONLY NEED TO BRING: Stiff paint brushes and a paint shirt or smock.

Step by step: Introduce the lesson with the power point: Batiks and Culture. Indonesian Batiks


  1. Drawing: Draw a simple (no detail drawing on paper then outline with a medium black marker. Tape drawing to cardboard. Place muslin fabric over the drawing & tape on all sides so it is stretched flat.
  2. Painting: drop each color of peeled crayon into a separate glass jar. Place the jars in frying pan and fill frying pan ¾ full with water. Turn on the frying pan. (the frying pan needs to be turned on about 10 minutes before students are ready to paint in order for the crayons to melt. Students paint the entire piece of muslin like a coloring page.
  3. Dyeing: after the entire piece of muslin is painted, students crumble their piece of muslin over the trash can. Next, they place their batik into the coffee can of dye. Let it sit for 5 to 10 minutes. Using rubber gloves, remove it and lay flat on a piece of cardboard to dry.
  4. Printing/Removing wax: Place batik on a white piece of paper then, sandwich the batik and paper between 4 or 5 sheets of newspaper. Use and iron to iron over the designs.


January 27th: Cityscape: Architectural print-making and watercolor

February 3rd: Clay Day @ Wandering Peacock

February 10th: Symbolic Still Life: From life drawing Bringing in 3 objects that you value

February 17th: Pop-Up Illustration of a Story: A story without words


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