About the Wordsmith

Christopher Myers is a writer and designer in his free time, but he does not confess to being professional at either. He is a Hoosier at heart, having grown up in Indiana but also well-traveled, both in and outside of the United States thanks to career opportunities.

Chris is married to Taylor Myers, a key contributor to Aquilitz designs and an amazing artist that puts Chris to shame. Without her, neither the Arcendo or Humanity book series would exist.

Chris and Taylor Myers
Chris and Taylor Myers

A graduate of Indiana University, Chris has served in the military and spent time in state government and the healthcare industry. His faith is a key factor in his life and writing and he enjoys playing devil’s advocate with a multitude of ideas, working to formulate new paths in philosophy through conversation. He always returns to writing in his available time though, working to convey a world of technological opportunity, hoping to positively affect readers and open their minds to new paradigms.

You can contact Chris at chrismyers@aquilitz.com

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