Art: Designs, Lessons, and Tutorials

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Art Lessons and Tutorials

Taylor Myers is a full-time high school art teacher in Indiana who strives to provide resources for creative people. Her goal is to ensure ease for young artists that are looking to access new methods and ideas, working to better themselves as creators.

While she has her degree in Art Education from Herron School of Art and Design through IUPUI’s School of Education, she loves teaching and given the transitions that public education endured in 2020, she desired a space to share resources for anyone looking to grow in their creative skills.

The following lessons each have connections to art history, art technique, elements and principles of design, and authentic creative processes. Taylor also will share products that she tests at home, as well as some of her favorite tried-and-true products which she uses to create art.

Taylor strives to create an empowering artistic culture in whatever creative settings her students choose. She desires an environment that fosters diversity, choice, and creativity.

“It’s important for me, as a teacher, that my student’s voices (and parent’s voices) are heard. I want to know what they would like to create, learn about, or see taught differently. You should always feel free to reach out to me through our contact info below or through the comments section in our blog posts. Thank you for your support of education and the arts!” –Taylor Myers

For questions or concerns, please feel free to contact Chris at or and Taylor Myers at