The Games

Wander Wreck

Wander Wreck is a deck building card game where players have the opportunity to reveal and build the map they’re traversing, all while leveling up their respective characters and working against or with each other to be the first player to achieve Level 30 and return to the Prologue.

Starting at a set card (The Prologue), players travel north, south, east or west to reveal locations like fallout shelters and forbidden forests, discovering and fighting challenges and other players to achieve their provided goal while gaining Level-Up cards, ranging from magical items to titles and professions.

A significant amount of the Level-Up cards offer benefits for players that choose to abide by optional self-inflicted rules. These rules include things like “Once per round, you may speak like a pirate or parrot to gain 200 credits”, “As long as you have this card, you may only speak your name”, and “If you shout ‘Shapow!’ During an engagement, you gain +2 levels for that engagement”.

You could end up a dwarf (that happens to be a member of the neighborhood watch) with telekinesis, a Delorian and a drug addiction or you could become a hacker plantoid with impeccable style, a love potion and super speed.

The choice is yours…

The game will be continuously updated, so please email Chris at if you find any issues with your version of Wander Wreck.

Election Season

It’s that time of year… red and blue political ads are blooming across the landscape. Only this time, you have a chance to jump into the mix. As one of this year’s candidates, you’ll duke it out against your friends (and enemies) to become the most desired contender.

Action cards will allow you to take and keep votes from your competitors through attack ads, tell-all books, press conferences and more. You’ll have to work to endure three distinct election seasons, each with 3 to 5 events (depending on the amount of players). Just remember, only the winner of the third season is labelled as the victor of the game and the peoples’ hearts. That’s right, you can win seasons 1 and 2 and still lose the game. It’s all about working overtime to gather those votes (but hey, wiretapping your opponents and spotlighting a few lawsuits doesn’t hurt either, right?).


The Roles and Goals Expansion for Wander Wreck is a significant addition to the core game, with over 100 new cards added, including two new Characters that allow a total of eight players to participate.

In the Roles and Goals Expansion of Wander Wreck, players can no longer win by reaching level 30 and returning to the prologue. Now, each player must draw a goal card at the start of the game and accomplish one of the two scenarios on the goal card to win the game.

Roles and Goals includes a variety of new cards, including Poetry Contest, High School Popularity Contest, New Year’s Resolutions, and Family Dinner Challenge Cards. New Level-Up cards include Conjoined, Mimicry, Rusted Lamp, Free Respawn, Pizza Chef, Sewage Technician, Local Legend, and Fuzzy Wubbet.

WARNING: Requires the base Wander Wreck game.


The World of Mena is a document that was written as a worldbuilding guide for groups playing tabletop role-playing games. The document includes over 30 cities set in four major regions (two continents, an archipelago, and ‘Oceana’), six unique world religions, 33 organizations, and a specific calendar with unique world holidays. Continent, city, and encounter maps are also available for a variety of the world’s locations.

Players may experience places like Zrile, home to the Ice Breakers Pirating Guild, located on the northernmost island in the Arusi Archipelago where buildings are covered with ice that has accumulated from the freezing fog that constantly wraps around the town. They may stop in at Launchburg, a massive technologically advanced city floating in the First Sea that is a mix of metal and wood. In Launchburg, air sacs protrude into the common walkways, attempting to hold up portions of the city where residents relax, sing, or sell fish and sea vegetables. Tartan, commonly as the city of outcasts or eternally burning city, is also available for players to visit. Tartan sits beneath the towering Tetro volcano and is surrounded by streams of magma and fire that have been redirected by magic around buildings that have been constructed from thick and colorful hardened glass.

With unique character-building options as well as fully realized continents and cities, the World of Mena is meant to be used as a sandbox for role-playing games. The information contained within the source document is intended to be used as a guide and not a rulebook. The World of Mena offers multiple primary campaigns as well as a variety of major side quests. It also contains suggestions that allow the Dungeon Master or Game Master to create individual character quests that allow for character development and player investment in the world and their own backstories. Feel free to alter anything in this guide including race and class statistics, world landscape, and campaign information to better match your players.