Stories and art infused with American ingenuity and tradition.

With five self-published novels, a variety of art lessons and tutorials, two unique games, a tabletop role-playing world, and a multitude of philosophical articles, is a place for those who appreciate art, science, and philosophy, ranging from spiritual contemplation to science fiction adventure.


The Anomaly Trilogies are two separate trilogies that follow two individuals, Daniel and Ryan, as they traverse their paths after a society-altering event, the Anomaly, strikes the Earth.

One running and one building, the two of them struggle to keep their family and friends alive in ravaged worlds. On Earth and on Calderan, they work against their own failures to continue their civilizations’ existences amidst another approaching prophesized reckoning.


Unbound is a stand-alone novel following Ordell Wells, an operative for the HPA (Human Preservation Agency). Thanks to the HPA, seven ‘slides’ across the world make time travel easier and safer than flying. No one knows where the slides came from or why the loop begins in 1200 and ends in 2930, but the machines forever altered humanity, with 343,392 people travelling through the slides each year.

Ordell Wells doesn’t care much to delve into time travel questions though, as his new case is causing enough issues as it is. As an operative for the HPA, he’s always been informed of a disruptor’s name and location prior to that person’s detainment, but this time he’s in the dark. There’s an unidentified killer on the loose, whose victims are being murdered over information pertaining to the slides.


A variety of Aquilitz artistic products are currently available through Freosan Designs on Redbubble, including stickers, clothing, electronics skins, phone cases, coffee mugs, journals, prints, and posters.

Aqulitz Art also offers resources for artists, including tutorials on drawing, painting, wood burning, and 3d printing. Lessons are also available on art history, art technique, elements of design, principles of design, and the overall creative process.


Wander Wreck: A character building game of friendship, backstabbing and hilarity. Build the map as you go, revealing location cards. Level-Up your character with magic, biological & tech cards!

Wander Wreck’s expansion, Roles and Goals, is also available now! Two new Characters, 21 new Challenges, 53 new Level-Ups. 49 new Locations and 16 new game-changing Goal cards. Warning: Contains a Fuzzy Wubbet.


Election Season: It’s that time of year… red and blue political ads are blooming across the landscape. Only this time, you have a chance to jump into the mix. As one of this year’s candidates, you’ll duke it out against your friends (and enemies) to become the most desired contender.


The World of Mena: The World of Mena is a document that was written as a world-building guide for groups playing tabletop role-playing games. The document includes over 30 cities set in four major regions (two continents, an archipelago, and ‘Oceana’), six unique world religions, 33 organizations, and a specific calendar with unique world holidays. Continent, city, and encounter maps are also available for a variety of the world’s locations.

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