1200-2930. It’s what’s known as the loop. Regulated by the Human Preservation Agency (HPA), it’s stable – has been and always will be. After all, time is set in stone – it can’t be changed. Seven ‘slides’ across the world make time travel easier and safer than flying. No one knows where the slides came from or why the loop ends in 2930, but the machines forever altered humanity, with 343,392 people travelling through the slides each year.

Ordell Wells doesn’t care much to delve into time travel questions though, as his new case is causing enough issues as it is. As an operative for the HPA, he’s always been informed of a disruptor’s name and location prior to that person’s detainment, but this time he’s in the dark. There’s an unidentified killer on the loose, whose victims are being murdered over information pertaining to the slides. The most troubling aspect of the case is the fact that no information is available on the disruptor, which is a problem considering that the Agency is expected to know the results of every Agent’s case. After all, the HPA is the past, the present, and the future.


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Earth is gone, and as far as Ryan is concerned, he’s the only person left alive.

He didn’t want to wake up in the middle of a strange forest, choking on the liquid that had kept him in hibernation. He didn’t want to hurtle down to a new planet, watching as his friends’ pods were scarred by atmospheric entry. He didn’t want to follow his parents onto the Magellan, leaving behind his home and all but one backpack of belongings.

Ryan just wanted to be out of school- maybe experience a bit of adventure. But not like this. Not lost, alone among the cries of something beyond the tree line. Alone, with two moons floating overhead and strange creatures in the sky. Alone and searching for any trace of his parents, his friends, or any piece of humanity.

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All it took was 48 hours to change the trajectory of the human race.

Over that period, 30% of humanity died from diseases, none of which had been previously observed. Another 10% were lost in the disasters that followed. Nearly a third of the population appeared to be unaffected by the Singularity and the rest… well the rest became something else entirely. It was the lights, flickering and gasping, that first offered Daniel an indication that something had gone wrong. It was the overwhelming death that brought him together with surviving friends and family.

With a fractured and sinking government, a new nation was formed from those still grasping for life. Arcendo wasn’t the only society to rise from the ashes though, and entities both near and far threaten to annihilate anything that could be considered a challenger. The only issue? Daniel loves the struggle, and he’s willing to do more than his friends believe in order to ensure that he and Arcendo come out on top.

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Ryan wanted to stop counting the days, but he knew full well how long it had been since the Magellan lowered into the atmosphere of Calderan and the other passengers awoke. Over five years and his dad still lost… over five years and hundreds of ex ops missions without answers. But they say another artifact has been found. So maybe there’s hope… maybe the whispers are true… that there really is something or someone else out there.

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Nearly 18 years since the Singularity altered the landscape of the Earth, Daniel is torn. His daughter is begging to experience the world she was raised in and his wife and close friends have ensured that Arcendo has not only achieved, but prospered in recent years. With the last breath of terrorists groups like the Crimson Engine being snuffed out, it appears that Daniel will be able to coast into an easy retirement. With off-world operations at a peak and nations like the Desert Republic and New Asia Empire gaining significance, Arcendo has spread itself thin with colonization and diplomatic communication. Feeling as though the world is passing him by, Daniel wants to take a closer look at what Arcendo has become. The larger the magnifying glass though, the greater the intensity of the heat.