Why Aquilitz?

Aquilitz sun background

I might as well explain the name first, prior to any deeper commentary that will likely make its way on here.

A handle, a gamertag, a call sign. All terms referencing a name paired with an entity, whether a group or a person. Aquilitz has started as just that, a carefully chosen combination of languages that means ‘Lightning Eagle’. Why that? I would have to admit… I think it’s smooth. But there is always additional backstory to chosen words used to describe a person or thing.

‘Eagle’ from the idea of a guardian beyond normal sight. A protector or warrior, which has represented countless organizations, nations and people. My goal has been for some time, and hopefully always will be, to help make a positive difference in the world. Humanity has always seen the eagle as a watchful protector, silently ready to act when needed. I admire that representation, and so ‘Eagle’ was chosen.

‘Lightning’ was chosen out of the fact that it represents the beautiful destructive and renewing force of creativity. The raw power of electricity is a sight that fails to bore any viewers lucky enough to witness the phenomenon. It can be utilized in thousands of applications, and electricity in a large part has been bent to humanity’s will. To act as lightning is to create and move forward. Ever since I can remember, I have wanted to create something beyond what I see with my own two eyes. Thoughts transferred into the real world, those thoughts only barely able to glimpse something greater beyond our comprehension.

In short, that is the origination of Aquilitz, and this site represents the first official combination of my designs and novels presented to the public. I doubt that much will come from it, but I can at least allow a place for people to find more art or stories, or respond if they appreciate what they have stumbled upon.

-Christopher Myers

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