Arcendo Burning: Officially Released!

Arcendo Burning Book Cover

The second book in the Arcendo series is now available on Amazon!

Nearly 18 years since the Singularity altered the landscape of the Earth, Daniel is torn. His daughter is begging to experience the world she was raised in and his wife and close friends have ensured that Arcendo has not only achieved, but prospered in recent years. With the last breath of terrorists groups like the Crimson Engine being snuffed out, it appears that Daniel will be able to coast into an easy retirement. With off-world operations at a peak and nations like the Desert Republic and New Asia Empire gaining significance, Arcendo has spread itself thin with colonization and diplomatic communication. Feeling as though the world is passing him by, Daniel wants to take a closer look at what Arcendo has become. The larger the magnifying glass though, the greater the intensity of the heat.

Arcendo Burning can be found at the following link:


Only one book is left in both the Humanity and Arcendo series. The goal is to release the two books together, so with appropriate motivation they may be finished around May 2018 (but no promises). If you have any thoughts or questions about Arcendo Burning or either series, please feel free to contact me at

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