2000 Years Later Series: A Foreword

‘2000 Years Later’ is meant to be a review of society’s culture in a Christian context, comparing today’s apparent Christian and secular principles with the foundational values that were laid out in the Bible. I would like to note that I am not an ordained nor do I have a degree in ministry or theology. Because of this, I have included as many citations as possible to ensure that each article has a factual and scholarly foundation. I encourage all readers to view the following writings with skepticism, asking ‘why’ as often as possible in regards to their own beliefs as well as what is written in the following articles. I don’t profess to have all of the answers, but I have been driven over the past two decades to review Biblical fundamentals after observing Christian and specifically Church culture acting in ways that seem counterintuitive and at times anti-biblical. The Church consists of flawed people (as well all are), so deviation is to be expected but I believe that it is appropriate to review intent against result in order to repair and rebuild foundational values and actions. In ‘2000 Years Later,’ I hope to pose challenges and plausible suggestions that will allow for members of the Christian community to better affect their chosen communities while living Biblically.

-Christopher Myers

Link to Part 1, The Church: https://aquilitz.com/what-was-the-church-supposed-to-be/

Link to Part 2, Selfish Altruism: https://aquilitz.com/selfish-altruism/

Link to Part 3, Submission: https://aquilitz.com/christian-submission/

Link to Part 4, Pride and Anger: https://aquilitz.com/pride-and-anger/

Link to Part 5, Attitude: https://aquilitz.com/the-contemporary-christian-attitude/

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