New Redbubble Clothing and Art!

Additional clothing (and art, mug and phone case) designs have been uploaded to Redbubble! The art can be found at: Please feel free to contact me at if there are any requests. -Chris Myers

Values: Belief

Religion and politics… two topics of conversation that cause dismay, angst and dread. We avoid them both when we’re around family and friends, but why? Both are integral to our lives and cultures and these ideals shape who we are as people. Because these themes are so close to our hearts, we find conflict in …

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Values: Perfection

We love heroes, both historical and fictional. They give us an opportunity to strive for something greater and to affect the world in a positive way. From an early age, we observe others and latch onto certain goals, which shape our directions in life as we grow older. We strive for perfection, desiring achievement beyond …

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Values: Knowledge

Especially early on in life, knowledge is often regarded as the most respected and desired attribute. Both parents and schools, two key influencers, prioritize knowledge. Those who have the quality are well known and are sought out in reference to both career and relationship. As anyone who has played a table-top role playing game knows …

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Values: Justice

‘Right’ and ‘Wrong’ are learned as principles early on and are taken to be law as we grow to discover the reasons behind society’s codes. Human rights, contracts (individual and organizational) and governments all are combined to create the structure that we live in. We hear often on the news and in fiction, that justice …

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Values: Power

Mentioned a multitude of times throughout popular culture, power is seen as something that a person must strive for. It’s the measure of success for many businesses, people and governments, but why? The basic dictionary definition (as there are many variations) is ‘to act or produce an effect’. It is most often thought of though, …

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Art at the Library March 23rd

Indonesian Batiks Hot Wax painting Materials: Paper, Paraffin wax, bleached muslin, peeled crayons, small glass jars or dollar store muffin tin, electric frying pans, pitcher, stiff brushes, pencils, black markers, 3 rit dyes in different colors, 3 large containers (I used dollar store tins) rubber gloves (dollar store) wooden spoons (dollar store) newspaper and iron (we …

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About the Artist

Hello, everyone! My name is Taylor Myers and I am the artist of, and also the wordsmith’s wife. I have always loved art and my husband has always loved writing, our creative souls led us here to starting this website as a base for fulfilling our artistic outlets and sharing them with other creative …

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Architectural Printmaking at the Library

January 27th: Cityscape: Architectural Print Making and Watercolor Materials Scratch-Foam Printing Board (you could also use a square styrofoam plate! Watercolor paints, large paint brushes, water bowl Printing ink, brayer (Hobby Lobby/Michaels’, you can get them 40% off) Scissors, pencil, white paper (preferably watercolor paper) An extra plate to roll ink on the brayer and …

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