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Myers Mark Arts is a (developing) LLC that promotes the vast expanses of artistic process and makes resources, tutorials and art projects available to anyone wanting to learn more about the arts as a whole. These resources can be used for incorporating art into your homeschool or classroom curriculum, or just for your own personal experience.

As Myers Mark Arts develops and grows, I, Taylor Myers (the wife behind the Master-Mind) will be posting some of my own material. Mostly art, artists, game design & creation, and anything else YOU would like to know about. And other times, my husband will hack into my page and post his own short stories. As an educator and an artist, I have had the privilege of experiencing art in its most life-giving (although sometimes, really challenging) form; through kids in a classroom.

Art, at its absolute core, is a language. And specifically, it’s a very culturally prominent tool used to communicate ideas that question issues in abstract ways that make our brains think and process ideas we didn’t even know we needed to tackle.  This page is here for you to experience art in all of its many facets!

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