The Games: Critical Condition and Election Season

Wander Wreck

Wander Wreck is a deck building card game where players have the opportunity to build the map they’re playing on, all while leveling up and working against or with each other to achieve their goals.

Starting at a set card (The Prologue), players travel north, south, east or west to reveal locations like fallout shelters and forbidden forests, discovering and fighting challenges and other players to achieve their provided goal while gaining level up cards, ranging from magical items to titles and professions.

You could end up a dwarf (that happens to be a member of the neighborhood watch) with telekinesis, a Delorian and a drug addiction or you could become a hacker plantoid with impeccable style, a love potion and super speed.

The choice is yours…

The game will be continuously updated, so please email Chris at if you find any issues with your version of Critical Condition.

Election Season

It’s that time of year… red and blue political ads are blooming across the landscape. Only this time, you have a chance to jump into the mix. As one of this year’s candidates, you’ll duke it out against your friends (and enemies) to become the most desired contender. Action cards will allow you to take and keep votes from your competitors through attack ads, tell-all books, press conferences and more. You’ll have to work to endure three distinct election seasons, each with 3 to 5 events (depending on the amount of players). Just remember, only the winner of the third season is labelled as the victor of the game and the peoples’ hearts. That’s right, you can win seasons 1 and 2 and still lose the game. It’s all about working overtime to gather those votes (but hey, wiretapping your opponents and spotlighting a few lawsuits doesn’t hurt either, right?).