Architectural Printmaking at the Library

January 27th: Cityscape: Architectural Print Making and Watercolor Materials Scratch-Foam Printing Board (you could also use a square styrofoam plate! Watercolor paints, large paint brushes, water bowl Printing ink, brayer…

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Art at the Library

Here on the Home-Screen, you should be able to find the most recent blog post about what is going on in the art room! At the top right of the…

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About the Wordsmith
Chris Myers

About the Wordsmith

Christopher Myers is a writer and designer in his free time, but he does not confess¬†to being professional at either. He is a Hoosier at heart, having grown up in…

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Arcendo Burning

Working on Book 2 of the Arcendo Series! After Arcendo Burning is completed, the next two (Humanity Defiant and Arcendo Drowning) will be released together. Additional Redbubble designs will follow…

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Redbubble Designs
Critical success gaming league shirt

Redbubble Designs

Additional clothing designs have been uploaded to Redbubble! The art can be found at:¬† In the next month, I hope to create a white-text version of multiple items so that…

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Why Aquilitz?
Aquilitz sun background

Why Aquilitz?

I might as well explain the name first, prior to any deeper commentary that will likely make its way on here. A handle, a gamertag, a call sign. All terms…

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