These trilogies follow two individuals, Daniel and Ryan, as they traverse their paths after an incredible and life-altering event, the Singularity, strikes the Earth.

One running and one building, the two of them struggle to find a meaning to their experiences, working against their own failures to continue their civilizations’ existences.


What felt like only 24 hours ago, Ryan sat in school, attempting to ignore the tick of the clock and waiting for the end of his class. School was easy, compared to waking up on an alien world, alone and with no plan. Getting rushed through breakfast to make it to the bus was easy, compared to wandering through towering forests and avoiding strange and terrifying wildlife. A headache triggering bus ride to class was easy, considering the stress of shooting down from space, awake in a hibernation capsule. What choice was there, though? Take a chance with the impending anomaly as it screamed toward Earth, or place your fate in the hands of something else entirely and hope and want for something new, something dangerous and something amazing.


All it took was 48 hours to change the trajectory of the human race. Over that period, 30% of humanity died from diseases, none of which had been previously observed. Another 10% were lost in the disasters that followed. Nearly a third of the population appeared to be unaffected by the Singularity and the rest… well the rest became something else entirely. It was the lights, flickering and gasping, that first offered Daniel an indication that something had gone wrong. It was the overwhelming death that brought him together with surviving friends and family. With a fractured and sinking government, a new nation was formed from those still grasping for life. Arcendo wasn’t the only society to rise from the ashes though, and entities both near and far threaten to annihilate anything that could be considered a challenger. The only issue? Daniel loves the struggle, and he’s willing to do more than his friends believe in order to ensure that he and Arcendo come out on top.


Ryan wanted to stop counting the days, but he knew full well how long it had been since the Magellan lowered into the atmosphere of Calderan and the other passengers awoke. Over five years and his dad still lost… over five years and hundreds of ex ops missions without answers. But they say another artifact has been found. So maybe there’s hope… maybe the whispers are true… that there really is something or someone else out there.


Nearly 18 years since the Singularity altered the landscape of the Earth, Daniel is torn. His daughter is begging to experience the world she was raised in and his wife and close friends have ensured that Arcendo has not only achieved, but prospered in recent years. With the last breath of terrorists groups like the Crimson Engine being snuffed out, it appears that Daniel will be able to coast into an easy retirement. With off-world operations at a peak and nations like the Desert Republic and New Asia Empire gaining significance, Arcendo has spread itself thin with colonization and diplomatic communication. Feeling as though the world is passing him by, Daniel wants to take a closer look at what Arcendo has become. The larger the magnifying glass though, the greater the intensity of the heat.