The Meaning Behind Aquilitz

Aquilitz is a combination of two words: Aquila (eagle in Italian) and Blitz (lightning in German). The eagle has always been a symbol of influence and strength, reaching back to ancient Rome. In America, the eagle also confers tradition and a respect for history, its image tied to a young but heavily political country. Lighting has, especially in recent times, acted as a representation of innovation. It speaks of technology and of movement forward. In ancient religion, it illustrated a loss of ignorance; the reward of wisdom. These two ideas together depict influence through innovation and wisdom. Aquilitz has always been an idea: one that speaks to transforming paradigms that humanity fails to see beyond. 


About the Wordsmith

Christopher Myers is a writer and designer in his free time, but he does not confess to being professional at either activity. He is a Hoosier at heart, having grown up in Indiana but travelling extensively in and outside of the United States thanks to career opportunities.

A graduate of Indiana University, he has served in the military for over a decade and has acted as Communications Director for the Indiana Department of Transportation. He always returns to writing though, working to convey a world of technological opportunity, hoping to positively affect readers and open their minds to new paradigms.

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