Art at the Library: March 3rd

Recycled Paper/Magazine Art: Making Functional objects Today we will be discussing the use of recycled materials in art, and how making functional objects can be an art form. In many…

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About the Artist

Hello, everyone! My name is Taylor Myers and I am the artist of, and also the wordsmith's wife. I have always loved art and my husband has always loved…

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Arcendo Burning: Officially Released!
Arcendo Burning Book Cover

Arcendo Burning: Officially Released!

The second book in the Arcendo series is now available on Amazon! Nearly 18 years since the Singularity altered the landscape of the Earth, Daniel is torn. His daughter is…

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Architectural Printmaking at the Library

January 27th: Cityscape: Architectural Print Making and Watercolor Materials Scratch-Foam Printing Board (you could also use a square styrofoam plate! Watercolor paints, large paint brushes, water bowl Printing ink, brayer…

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Art at the Library

Here on the Home-Screen, you should be able to find the most recent blog post about what is going on in the art room! At the top right of the…

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