Stories and art infused with American ingenuity and tradition.

With four self-published novels, two card games and a multitude of designs that can be purchased as clothing or individual art pieces, is a place for those who appreciate a variety of artistic pleasures, ranging from spiritual contemplation to science fiction adventure.


The Humanity and Arcendo trilogies follow two parties as they struggle to survive on and off Earth after an anomaly forever alters the course of history. Ryan toils on a new world, lost and alone after a disaster scatters the crew of the Magellan across the surface of Calderan. Back on Earth, with over 30% of humanity dead and the rest scrambling to understand the mutations flowing through the population, Daniel struggles to lead his friends through local conflict in what was until recently the American mid-west.


Critical Condition: Every map is different and every character unique as you assist or backstab your friends on the way to accomplish your distinct goal. Will you end up as an elf college student with an electrified lasso, dragon breath and a pet monkey or are you a robot with flight and a love potion, challenging the world so that you can reach retirement? The choice is yours…

Election Season: It’s that time of year… red and blue political ads are blooming across the landscape. Only this time, you have a chance to jump into the mix. As one of this year’s candidates, you’ll duke it out against your friends (and enemies) to become the most desired contender.


Specializing in skylines, careers and gaming designs, products are available as clothing, phone cases, mugs, pillows and more. If you can’t find what you like, don’t hesitate to request a unique design!

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